Thursday, December 23, 2010

Michael’s typing is inconsistent but informative.

November 9, 2010

S:  do you know that you have a dermatologist appointment tomorrow?
M:  I want to and really really really to right not go.

S:  I know you don't want to go but the doctor needs to look at your face and your chest. you really really really have to go.
M:  type this that I do not want to be at the doctor tomorrow I want home you understand.

S:  it's really not an option. you have to go. why not take your squeeze ball and squeeze the whole time?
M:  I want to talk the palm look have you your house.

S:  my house isn't really that interesting trust me. let's just figure out a way for you to feel comfortable going to the face doctor tomorrow. we know that going to the doctors is not fun for you. tell us where you would like to go after the doctors so you can look forward to something fun.
M:  I easy gets have remember the thomas the tank engine that I want today them I can have the one I want. Thomas the tank engine.  the title is help me get he's you the Thomas the tank engine.

S:  unless you can give us the title you are going to have to give us another idea... like why not go out for lunch with mom maybe macdonalds.
M:  ok

S:  the plan is you'll go to the doctors and then to macdonalds with mom. ok?
M:  ok

Mom emailed me the next day.  Michael went to the dermatologist.  He was much more relaxed while he was there.  He let the doctor examine him without being restrained in any way.  He and his mom and grandmother went to MacDonald’s afterward.

December 2, 2010

S: elephants noses are like straws. they suck up water or milk. what do you know about straws.
M:  straws are for drinking

S: do you know how to use a straw?
M:  yes

S:  which do you like better? drinking milk from a straw or just drinking with your mouth?
M:  I like drinking milk with mouth

S: do you use a straw or your mouth when you drink soda at friendly’s.
M:  straw

S:  I hear you love to drink milk.  do you like the taste or something else about milk?
M:  I like the taste.

S:  you certainly are talkative today. what makes today different than the last couple times we typed when you didn't seem to want to type clearly?
M:  I am more aware of my thoughts and so I can type what I want to type you understand what I am saying Steve

S:  so if am I hearing you right, somedays your brain is cloudy so it's harder for you to concentrate. can you tell me more about what it's like when your brain is cloudy?
M:  yes talking is harder when I can not think as in the way I am doing now

S:  wow. I understand. is there anything we can do to help your brain get unclouded when its cloudy?
M:  the is and in that I can stay that way for about three days and the clouds go away for a while and I can think for a while that is what I can tell you for now

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